Forrest Street Apartments

Forrest Street Apartments

Available for all your adventure trips to Boulder.

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Our History 

In 1900, the units of the Forrest St Apartments were built for the railway train drivers to stay. Later, Roger Alter has owned this business for about 20 years. At Forrest St Apartments, all the units are different and they have been categorised depending on the number bedrooms, bathrooms and the other amenities.

The units are categorised alphabetically, for example, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D. The 1D unit is the last one that has been renovated and made into 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and the rest have 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. However, all the units are air-conditioned for the comfort of the tourists.

The 1F forrest st has the original outside toilet though it is under cover now.

All the units are getting upgraded all the time as funds become available. So, you will find no room that does not have the modern amenities.

If you want to experience the true beauty of the great Australian outback in all its unadulterated glory, then you shall feel right at home! Kalgoorlie is not just Australia’s largest city inland, but is also the main center of the Australian Goldfields. You can thus experience the beautiful vistas of the unending Australian outback, enjoy the exciting nightlight the place has to offer, find repose in the several parts and bushlands such as Bushland Park, Hammond Park and Arboretum Park. All of these are just 5 km from Kalgoorlie!

Apart from all these, you get to stay at one of the best affordable apartments in Kalgoorlie, at Forrest St Apartments! We have a variety of rooms for you to choose from. From small yet comfortable cheap accommodation in kalgoorlie to large and luxurious ones, we have something for everyone. Call us today to book a room at affordable rates.

There is a cleaning fee of $75 for 2 bedroom apartments per stay plus $25 for 3bedroom plus $50 for 4 bedroom for fresh linen toilet paper and soap ect

Features and Highlights

Natural Beuaty
In Boulder, you can discover the lush oasis in the desert.
Dogs Welcome
Dogs are welcome upon request. Fees apply. 
Secure Parking
We have  parking spaces available, free of charge.
Amazing Breakfast
Start your day with a full belly - Choose from any of our local coffee shops, 500m away in the main street of Boulder. 
Great Location
All properties are located roughly Kalgoorlie is 5 km
Free WiFi
Unlimited Free WiFi in every corner of the hotel, for all your facebooking needs.

What if the house, is unduly messy can I get charged more

Yes or

Do pet fees apply


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